July 6, 2016

Banner_We made CarePool Happen

In July-August 2015, we asked the world to let us know whether CarePool was a good idea and by supporting to part-fund the first build of the app. Over 100 friends, family members and strangers generously chipped in to our Crowdfunding Campaign.

To the following eleven people, we owe a big debt of gratitude. You were the top supporters of our crowdfunding campaign and were instrumental in bringing the first version of CarePool to the world. An extra special thank you to you wonderful & generous people!

Anders Jonsson Rachel Watson Lisa Kelly Tammy O’Connor Rachel Howard Jane McLean
Trudi Oxley Katie Griffiths Kirsty Campbell Andrew & Pippy Fookes Matt Halliburton

We are also exceedingly grateful to the following people, who supported our campaign and scored a place on our wall of fame for their generous contributions.

Crowdfunder Wall of Fame

To each and every person who backed out campaign, whether you are listed here or not, we thank you and are are eternally grateful to you for backing CarePool from the very beginning. We love you.