Known issues & upcoming features

June 9, 2016


This is a list of known issues and requested features for the CarePool app (1.0).

If you notice something that could be improved that is not included on this list (no matter how tiny or enormous), fantastic! Please tell us: email or send us a note via the feedback form in the app.

DASHBOARD On your Dashboard event listings, a pink dot appears to indicate what is new since you last looked at the Dashboard, except in relation to cancelled events. Cancelled events just move to Past and get greyed out. No pink dot. We will fix this ASAP but for a little while longer you will need to rely somewhat on your powers of deduction when events get cancelled.  
  The pink dot disappears after you’ve looked at the Event Record for the event, however if you don’t look at the Event Record before the event moves to Past, the pink dot declines to disappear at the appropriate moment.  
  There are little statements describing the status of an event in the Event Record, but sometimes these are a bit misleading. For instance, when looking at the Event Record for a Pending event, it should be clearer that it is pending, rather than a confirmed event.  
   Ability to search and sort past events so user can see all events involving a particular user, for example  
  Could there by a little profile picture of the other party next to event listings, so I can easily see who the event refers to?  
EVENT SET-UP Ability to set maximum number of accepts for offers of help, so that only the maximum number I designate can accept.  
  There should be more specific event menus for certain types of events (e.g. other things that might be helpful for a family with a newborn, for school pickups and activities, for older kids of sleepover age, etc)  
ADDING CONTACTS Ability to add contacts from Facebook or by SMS, rather than requiring user to have the email address of the new contact  
  Only contacts with an email address listed in the contact card display. Would be good if ALL contacts could be shown, but those without an email address greyed out. Also, those which are already added should be shown and indicated that they are already added.  
RESPONDING TO AN OFFER / REQUEST Ability to counter-propose another time or date, a messaging function  
  Ability to send a personal message when responding to an event – whether accepting of declining  
  Ability to provide an explanation as to why declining  
  The app should send a reminder or ‘gentle nudge’ to users to accept after a certain amount of time.  
CANCELLING AND EVENT Ability to provide an explanation when cancelling  
   Ability to propose an alternative time / date instead of cancelling  
AUTOMATED EMAILS & PUSH NOTICES Ability to tailor which notices user wants to receive  
  Fix copy on multi-recipient event reactivation trigger alert  
  ‘Come Back’ Push Notice received when first accepter of a multi-r-request cancels has minor errors in copy. Change to: ‘Is there any chance you can help?’  
  Add a ‘Notifications’ tab – there should be a way to see all notifications /activity that has happened in the app  
MORE About us section should include more detail about the creators  
GENERAL Buttons (eg. Preview, Send, Back, Close) could be a little larger so easier to click on  
  Possibility to thank person who has helped you out  
  I want to be able to block certain users from sending me messages.  
  Time / Battery bar should be a consistent colour across all screens  
  When a user changes her/his name, this should update in all events, including events in Past and all events on every other user’s app.  
  User should be able to choose whether the display times in 12 or 24 hour time. If 12 hour time, there should be no ‘0’ before certain times.  
  ‘Hero Badges’ should be included in the app, allowing users to thank those who have helped them out  


Thank you for your help in making CarePool even better!

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