Relaunch + CarePool subscription

June 9, 2016

The CarePool app first launched in June 2016. We are now in the process of a major overhaul to make it more user-friendly and reliable. We are so grateful for your patience during this process!

We are hoping the the new and improved CarePool app will be available in July 2018!¬† ūüėõ ¬†We are also looking forward to unveiling some new features in the new version, which our subscribers will get access to.

Rest assured that offering and asking for help with the care of young’uns will always be part of the CarePool Free version, which users can download and use completely free. This was and continues to be¬†our promise.


What will be included in the CarePool Community subscription?

A bunch of useful things will be included in the subscription – including the ability to message other users who you are organising care events with, and the ability to pick from an unlimited number of Care Packs. New services are in the pipeline too and will be added to subscribers accounts as we go along.


Why should I pay for a CarePool Community Subscription? 

Well, CarePool is a small start-up run by 3 women who are passionate about community building. Our ultimate vision is to use profits to assist in valuable community building projects and assisting families. We are self-funded and have spent thousands of our own dollars, and countless hours of out time building the app. By subscribing, you will contribute to keeping CarePool running so we can make the world together!


What does a subscription cost?

All the details will be revealed soon. You can cancel at any time. Stay tuned.



More details of our subscription to follow soon!


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Thank you for using CarePool!

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