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And we are live!

The CarePool app is now available for download on the App Store and Google Play! We are pretty sure it is not possible to be any more excited than we are today. Download it, have a play, and please let us know what you think via the feedback form in the app or by emailing[…]



BY: FREDRIK JONSSON, Guest Blogger   What makes people truly happy? You guessed it – retweets, shopping and a hefty salary increase. Hang on, that’s not at all correct. Not even the retweets part. I checked with science and it turns out that what we find truly joyful is family, relationships and helping others. In other words,[…]

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Our crowdfunding campaign is complete!

We are very happy to announce that we crossed the line and our crowdfunding campaign with Pozible became ‘funded’. A huge THANK YOU to all our wonderful supporters from all corners of the globe. We look forward to delivering you a shiny new app as soon as we possibly can. Please subscribe to our newsletter[…]



Welcome to the CarePool Blog! We have so many things to talk about with you. But right now we are busy trying to get our Pozible crowdfunding campaign organised, so we can develop the CarePool app asap. Check out our Pozible crowdfunding campaign HERE. Please check back soon…